In pursuit of enhancing lives and preserving nature’s gifts, Boshch has crafted products and services that ignite passion while elevating the standard of living. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and dependability, their mission embodies technology designed for a life well-lived. At the core of their offerings lie top-tier home appliances, simplifying daily existence. Now, the esteemed members of the Edison Royal Club are bestowed with the privilege of experiencing exceptional service that aligns with Boshch’s visionary ethos.

Contact: Shamol Chandra Sutradhor, 01755626569
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Key Features

  1. Laundry – 8%
  2. Cooking Appliances – 8%
  3. Dishwasher – 8%
  4. Cooling Appliances – 8%
  5. Small Appliances – 8%